June 1, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Rishi Dhir - Elephant Stone

On this episode of Spot Lyte On, Lawrence Peryer chats with Rishi Dhir. Formed in Montreal in 2009, Elephant Stone is the brainch…

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May 28, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Summer

On this episode of Spot Lyte On, LP celebrates the start of summer. Technically he's off this week but has provided a playlist of…

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May 25, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Caitlin Flood and Jon Carr

Today we shine the "spot lyte" on Lyters, Caitlin Flood and Jon Carr. Lawrence Peryer chats separately with Caitlin and Jon to he…

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May 21, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Kaitlin Sandeno - Olympic Swimmer and GM of DC Trident

Kaitlin Sandeno Hogan is an American former competitive swimmer, Olympic gold medalist, world champion, and former world record-h…

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May 18, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Emily White - Collective Entertainment

Emily White’s career spans the entertainment industry, carving out a unique path that defines a modern maven. She talks with Lawr…

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May 14, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Dan Runcie founder of Trapital Media

In this episode, Lawrence Peryer shines the "spot lyte" on Dan Runcie, founder of Trapital Media. They talk about the genesis of …

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May 11, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Nicole Barsalona

Born and raised in the music industry, Nicole Barsalona is Founder of 525 Entertainment Group / Everyday Rebellion Entertainment,…

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May 4, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Alexandra Naughton - Author and Founder of Be About It…

Alexandra Naughton is the author eleven books and the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Be About It Press, which started …

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April 30, 2020

The New Normal - John Petrocelli - Bulldog Digital Media

John Petrocelli, the founder of Bulldog Digital Media, has been pioneering live streaming for over 20 years and has worked with t…

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April 27, 2020

Spot Lyte On... NIVA (National Independent Venue Association)

First Avenue CEO Dayna Frank, Pabst Theater Group CEO and co-owner Gary Witt and Marauder Managing Partner Rev. Moose join Lawren…

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April 23, 2020

Spot Lyte On...Nick Turner - Co-Founder Google DEMAND

Nick Turner, Co-Founder of Google DEMAND joins host Lawrence Peryer to talk about his journey from playing in bands such as Lords…

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April 20, 2020

The New Normal - Mike Armstrong - ReedPOP

Mike Armstrong, VP at ReedPOP, the company behind New York Comic Con, PAX, C2E2, Star Wars Celebration, etc. joins host Lawrence …

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April 16, 2020

The New Normal - David Marsh - Team Elite

David Marsh, Head Coach of Team Elite Aquatics, the top professional swimming training group in the United States, joins host La…

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April 14, 2020

The New Normal - Marcie Allen - MAC Presents

Marcie Allen, President of MAC Presents joins host Lawrence Peryer to share her thoughts and insight on the New Normal. Learn mo…

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April 10, 2020

The New Normal - Cejih Yung - CG Sports Management

Cejih Yung of CG Sports Management joins host Lawrence Peryer to share his thoughts and insight on the New Normal. Through his a…

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April 8, 2020

The New Normal - Eric Fuller

Eric Fuller joins host Lawrence Peryer to share his thoughts and insight on the New Normal. Eric Fuller is a long time fan of al…

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April 6, 2020

The New Normal - Perry Bashkoff - Head of Music at Instagram

Perry Bashkoff, Head of Music at Instagram, joins host Lawrence Peryer to share his thoughts and insight on the New Normal. Perr…

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April 2, 2020

Spot Lyte On...David Goldberg - Advisor at TPG Global

David Goldberg is an entertainment pioneer who's innovated ticketing, sports viewing and betting, digital music, and entertainmen…

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