Aug. 12, 2021

Spot Lyte On - Immersion Networks

Spot Lyte On - Immersion Networks

Jim Rondinelli and JJ Johnston from Immersion Networks stop by the podcast to give LP a lesson in immersive audio. They take a step back and talk through sound file innovation over the years (JJ was one of the folks involved with inventing the MP3.) Put your Airpods in and get ready to hear about the future of listening.

Immersion Networks is a company that creates software and hardware to improve the human listening experience. Founded in 2014 by industry-leading audio experts and engineers, the privately held company operates out of a purpose-built facility in Redmond, Washington.

The company’s founders are responsible for hundreds of patents that have been instrumental in the evolution of audio technology. If you listen to music on a modern device, you are using technology created by one of our founders.

Their mission is simple: to reframe the human listening experience.

One of their key products is mix³ (pronounced “mixcubed”),  the first 3D audio mixing platform available to everyone — podcasters, content creators, producers, artists, and engineers — that lets them transform sound files into lush, intimate, headphone-ready mixes. These mixes can be appreciated without special hardware and distributed through streaming services or shared as a regular stereo file.

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